Leave your vessel and company data to your family

The Kaliningrad Territorial Organization of the SUR often receives appeals not from seafarers, but from their wives and relatives. And sometimes you just wonder: the grown persons, the members of one family, but they dont know even basic information concerning their relative:  name of the vessel,  name of the company and even the position of the seafarer. It happens that they cant even remember the year of birth of a seafarer!

The reason for concern in such cases is usually either the loss of remittances from the seafarer and the loss of  contact with him, or a sudden change in plans, for example, a person  was going to set sail and suddenly has disappeared: it is not clear whether he is at sea or somewhere on the shore ...

The other day, we received an appeal from the relatives of seafarer  Alexander G., who has stopped communicating since February.

The seafarer's sister explained that Alexander went to sea in January, the last time she talked to him on the phone was in February, and now his phone is unavailable: "Just vanished into thin air!"

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