Captain Oganov memorial plaque unveiled in St. Petersburg

The memorial plaque dedicated to the sea captain Aram Mikhailovich Oganov, who was a Hero of  Social Labour, was  opened yesterday in St.Petersburg. The memorial sign was posted on the wall of  the  Building A, on 184 Nevsky Prospekt. Here  the  famous seafarer  lived till 2008.

In the  ceremony took part the chairman of the St.Petersburg Legislative  Assembly Vyacheslav Makarov, the head of Central District Administration Andrey Khlutkov, the chairman at the  SUR's Baltic Territorial Organization Alexander Bodnya, the representatives of former Baltic Shipping Company (BSC) and  Admiral  Makarov State  University of Maritime and  Inland Shipping, the  Aram Oganov' s colleagues, his  daughters Marina  and Tamara and also  his  blood brother Boris.

It should be noted that St. Petersburg, known as a maritime  capital of  Russia, hasn't  any memorial sign in honour  of the seafarers of merchant fleet. But now  this historical injustice has  been resolved.

Today we will open a memorial plaque dedicated to the man of legend  fate  and  heroic profession. Aram Mikhailovich was in command  of ships heading to Montreal and New York from Leningrad  through Atlantic  Ocean. As a true Captain he  always foresaw  the  worst and complex   situations  and  in such moments  he made  the  informed  and right  decisions, Vyacheslav Makarov pointed out.

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