Thanks to the union

The Far Eastern territorial organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia received a letter of thanks from the AB Anatoly Silantiev. He expresses his gratitude for providing legal assistance. Some days ago the Primorsky Regional Court held a session considering the complaint of PJSC Nakhodka Base of Active Marine Fishing on the decision of the Nakhodka City Court, which refused the company in a lawsuit against a former crewmember of the trawler Astronom in the amount of about 100 thousand rubles. According to Vasily Savelyev, the lawyer of the FETO SUR, following the results of the second trial, the decision of the first instance court was upheld. Recall that the Nakhodka Base of Active Marine Fishing filed a petition in court claiming from the seafarer the payment for accommodation and food for each day spent on board for a month after discharging.

The former employer, through the court, wanted to recover from the seafarer the amount of 89 709 95 rubles, as well as the funds paid for the state duty in amount of 2,891 rubles. However, in fact, the crewmember remained on board as a passenger after the discharging not by his own will.

According to Anatoly Silantyev, a month after the vessel leaves the port, the crew was ready for strike. It was impossible to take a shower due to lack of water, and sometimes expired products were brought on board. In addition, the salary debt was accumulated. As a result, after two months, 46 crewmembers terminated their employment relations with the company. At the same time, the discharged seafarers, including Silantyev, were kept on board the vessel for another month, although Astronom sailed off the coast of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, where it was possible to sign off the crew.

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