“Huge Cordial Thanks to the Union”


The company “MV -Line” has paid the crew of the vessel  “Gornozavodsk” (IMO 8900971/flag of Russia) the back wages. From sheer joy, the seafarers have sent a gratitude letter to the  SUR Far Eastern territorial organization  (SUR FETO) which helped them to recover their money. 

In total, the shipowner owed the crew more than 3 million rubles. In addition, there were no  personal hygiene products on board the ship. Unable to tolerate such treatment, at the end of May the crew applied to the Union for help. The SUR FETO Inspectors immediately prepared an appeal to the Transport Prosecutor's Office and to the Harbour Master  of  Nakhodka, where the ship was. The latter sent a PSC Inspector to visit the  “Gornozavodsk” and  clear up the situation. The claims were confirmed, and the port authorities detained the ship until all the crew's requirements were fulfilled.

The ban on departure quickly brought the shipowner to the senses: in June the company paid off the part of their debts owed to the seafarers for March and April. Also, the representative of  the “MV -Line” contacted the Union and promised to improve working conditions on board the vessel. And now the company has finally paid the balance for May, as well as the wages for June. "Thank you for your serious assistance in resolving our labor issues, one of the results of which was the payment of wages to the crew. You addressed  the problem quickly and competently, with a sincere desire to help the seamen in their challenging  life at sea. We would like to express our huge cordial thanks to you, " - the crew wrote to the SUR FETO on the 4th of July.

“During the negotiations with the shipowner, we found out that the company itself did not receive the payment for the shipment in time, which caused a delay. Of course, we can understand them, but seafarers should not suffer from this, - stated Nikolay Sukhanov, the SUR FETO Chairman.

It should be noted that the "MV-Line" had problems with another vessel - “Anatoly Torchinov". That vessel was in the bareboat charter from the company. Now  "Anatoly Torchinov" is anchored  at the Chinese port  Shidao. The total amount of debt wages to the crew exceeded 4 million rubles. In June the “Sakhalin Shipping Company”, a beneficiary shipowner,   took  the vessel back from the "MV - Line" and repatriated half of the crew at its own expense.  The remaining eight crew members maintain safety of the ship and will be able to return home only after it is sold. Petr Osichansky, the ITF Inspector in Vladivostok, who provides assistance to  the crew, believes the  trades can be held very soon.

As for this problem  company, which delays payment of seafarers'  wages for months, it's activity came to the attention of  Primorsky Transport Investigation Department, as well as the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office.