Happy March 8th!

Dear ladies, on behalf of the Seafarers Union of Russia, I congratulate you on International Womens Day!

The 8th of March is a spring and holiday day, when we  give gifts and pay compliments, but this holiday  rooted in the struggle of women for emancipation and equal rights. And though life today is very different from what it was a hundred years ago, these problems are still relevant, including in the shipping industry.

There are still few women in shipping - in the maritime sector and among shore personnel. Nevertheless, each of you proves that you are capable of  resolving any issue, and you need not any concessions. Today is another reason to express my love and respect to you, to say those pleasant words that you sometimes forget about in the bustle of daily routine. For centuries, your beauty, intelligence and talent have inspired men. And they delight even more today, when you have the opportunity to apply your abilities in all areas of life.

The concern for all those close and dear to you rests on your fragile shoulders:  you manage to be kind mothers, affectionate wives, caring sisters and daughters! You make your house a home, bring harmony and beauty into our lives, charge us, men, with positive emotions and delight us with your attention.

Dear women! Be happy and enjoy every day, whether you are building a career, taking care of your family and your loved ones! I wish you good spirits, liveliness and optimism! May life give you joy every day, may sadness and sorrow keep away from you, and may there always be thoughtful, caring people all around you! I extend my sincerest wishes for you to experience love and be loved. Wishing you a happy holiday!

SUR Chairman Yury Sukhorukov