SUR assisted a seafarer to get $10,000

That sum a shipowner owed  to a Russian seafarer. The Seafarers' Union of Russia consulted a crew member of the MV Hammurabi (flag of Panama) the right course of action when wage arrears accumulate.

A Russian seafarer applied to SUR during the period of validity of the employment contract - he did not receive his wages for December and January. The SUR Inspectors explained to him, step by step,  how to lodge complaint while on board. The Maritime Labor Convention 2006 establishes such right for maritime workers in the Regulation A5.1.5 On Board Complaint Procedure. 

Thus, each Member State is obliged to include in national legislation appropriate procedures for handling complaints on board a  vessel in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 5.1.5, which provides seafarers with the opportunity to resolve  their complaint during a voyage and without calling at port.

To do this, a seafarer should follow the  On board Complaint Procedure: its text should be made available on board a vessel so that any crew member can free access to it.

On the advice of SUR, the crew member of MV Hammurabi brought the matter to the captain. As a result, a positive decision was made on the complaint - the Russian received all wages owed to him, completed the contract on time and signed off from the vessel.

The  Seafarers' Union of Russia notes: maritime workers have the right to file complaints on all issues that constitute a violation of the requirements of the MLC directly to the captain, the shipowner, relevant authorized persons and the competent authority of the Flag State.