Future Electrical Engineers on board "Akademik Ioffe"

Vessel tours are becoming a good tradition for cadets of Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy (BFFSA) - the Kaliningrad Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (KTO SUR) has arranged the tour of a research vessel Akademik Ioffe (IMO 8507731, Russian flag) for future Electrical Engineers the second-year cadets of BFFSA. Thus, KTO SUR continues to introduce cadets to their future profession.

The research vessel "Akademik Ioffe" has a displacement of 6600 tons and 117 meters in length, it was built in 1988 in Finland, project P-2788. There are only two such vessels: the second is "Akademik Sergey Vavilov". Both vessels feature a vertical shaft about two meters in diameter, which opens from the main deck into a special room, from which an acoustic receiver or a transmitter can be lowered to below the waterline by means of a winch.  The vessels were used for experiments on the long-range propagation of sound in the ocean.

 And now Akademik Ioffe is on watch,  Lyudmila Izmalkova, KTO SUR Chairman noted.  Scientists from all over our country gather on board during expeditions so, it was all the more interesting to show the vessel to the cadets.

Captain A.Zybin and Chief Engineer P.Kotyashov gave the vessel tour to the future Electrical Engineers. The Chairman of the shop union at BFFSA of the SUR Kaliningrad Primary Organization Zashchita  Kirill Novoselov also joined the excursion. Let us recall that several years ago the Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy and the Kaliningrad Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia agreed on collaboration and cooperation, which implies intense interaction and communication with cadets.

Thus, within the framework of the agreement, lectures and seminars are held on the social and labor rights of workers and activities aimed at familiarization of cadets with their future profession, as well as a support program for young members of the Seafarers' Union of Russia.