A book is the best gift

Cadets of Maritime State University named after admiral G.I. Nevelskoy have celebrated an International Book Giving Day.  On this day, it is customary to present books, donate them to libraries, and hold events to promote young peoples interest in reading. The hairman of the SUR Primary Organization of Vladivostok, Petr Osichansky, came to the event hosted by the cadets of the 11th company of the Faculty of Navigation and Radio Communications of the Maritime State University.

It should be noted that 67 cadets of  the 11th company are SUR members. Petr Osichansky donated books to the company's library. He presented the cadets with author's publications, books from the "Captains" series published jointly by the Far Eastern Association of Sea Captains and the Society for the Study of the Amur Territory, books about the sea, adventures and travel, as well as his favorite books in English from his home library. Petr Osichansky advised future maritime workers to read a lot, as reading broadens the mind, improves literacy, improves memory and attention concentration - are all needed for seafarers' work.

The tradition to celebrate Book Giving Day came to Russia in 2017. According to the President of the Russian Book Union, Sergey Stepashin, this holiday reminds us that you can show affection to somebody very simple just present him or her a kind, good book that will tell about your feelings and bring real joy. The main idea of the holiday is to show that books are still the best gifts and do not lose their value even in the age of technological development.