Shipboard meetings are a great opportunity for meaningful social dialogue

On board the vessel "Slavyanin" a meeting was held attended by the crew, representatives of the Seafarers' Union of Russia and the employer - LLC "ANSHIP". The participants discussed a wide variety of questions, ranging from safety clothing and salary increases to non-financial bonuses.

The issues were mostly private, and, according to Sergey Dobryakov, General Director of ANSHIP LLC, it will not be difficult for the company to address them. He personally took control of all the requests of the crew members and promised to elaborate on them in the nearest time.

Besides, the seafarers reminded the management of the previous social program, when distinguished employees of ANSHIP received vouchers to a recreation center in the Sochi region, so in the warm season their families had a free all-inclusive vacation. During the coronavirus pandemic, the program had to be suspended, and then repairs began at the recreation center. The company assured the seafarers that they would definitely resume that good tradition.

- For me, the most important asset has always been and will be people, I explain this to all my employees, - Mr. Dobryakov emphasized. - It doesn't matter whether you are a captain or a seaman - everyone does their job, which is important and essential. Therefore, the doors of my office are always open for employees, regardless of their position.

Also, the seafarers asked about the benefits of SUR membership. Igor Kholyavka, the Chairman of the Primary trade union organization at ANSHIP LLC, SUR Southern Territorial Organization, told the crew about the current collective agreement, which you can rightly be proud of, and about the opportunity to seek assistance on any issue because the company and the SUR have an efficiently functioning feedback on all issues related to working conditions.

- The trade union is not a demagoguery, but a really working structure which is alive to the demands of seafarers, - Mr. Kholyavka noted and added that such shipboard meetings are a great opportunity to share views and lead a meaningful social dialogue.

Source and photo: STO SUR