The company "ANSHIP" continues to roll out a sea-going training program for cadets

ANSHIP LLC has always put a priority on providing cadet jobs on board its vessels for students of maritime training institutions of the South of Russia. The company has agreements with universities and colleges in Novorossiysk, Rostov and the Crimea, now the geography has expanded to Astrakhan.

The number of cadet jobs on board the company's vessels is constantly increasing. The company welcomes highly motivated guys who really want to build a career in Merchant Fleet. 

We assign cadets in accordance with their specialization. For example, we try to send deck cadets on board large vessels because it is important for them to practice a sailing beyond the Sea of Azov. As for engine cadets, the main thing for them is a ship's power, so, a region of sailing does not matter for them. We seek not to apply a formal approach to assigning cadets in board our vessels, instead we try to comprehend a situation and understand the expectations of each cadet. The practice will be ineffective for a cadet if his expectations are not met, - Salavat Markaev, Deputy General Director of ANSHIP LLC, explained.

Usually, most of the cadet jobs are allocated on board m/v "Slavyanin" and m/v"Avangard". 

According to the captains of these vessels, there are goal-oriented guys among cadets who have made their own choice in favor of a sea career. It is extremely important to give such cadets help, support and raise their motivation. It is they who return to the company after graduation and work here for years, growing to the positions of captain and chief engineer.

Let us add that the Seafarers' Union of Russia and the shipping company ANSHIP LLC have long-standing partnerships. It means effective protection of labor rights for seafarers, the opportunity to always get good advice and take advantage of using some aspects of the social program.

Source: Southern Territorial Organization of SUR