A crew member of m/v Atlantic Ray has been paid debt wages

The Nakhodka Transport Prosecutor's Office assisted a Russian seafarer  in recovering a salary debt of USD3,900 from a foreign company. Northwest Ship Management Ltd  owed that sum to a crew member for the period of his work on board  the m/v Atlantic Ray. A Transport Prosecutor  filed a lawsuit against the shipowner in order to stand up for  the seafarer's labor rights.    

During inspection carried out as part of the investigation it was found out the contract of employment had been concluded between the seafarer and the company. However, wages were not paid in full. The Nakhodka City Court satisfied the prosecutor's claims in full. As it became known, the debt has already been repaid.

Note that Northwest Ship Management Ltd. has been long on the radar of law enforcement agencies, as seafarers working on board their vessels often ask for help. The Seafarers' Union of Russia has also faced the complaints from crew members of m/v Atlantic Ray several times. So, last year the SUR Primary Organization of Vladivostok secured a payment of USD21,750 the amount of July 2022 wages owed by the company to the crew. In 2021 the vessel was renamed from the ST Wind, the previous owner was  Vip-Stroy Holding LLC.

The SUR emphasizes, whoever the owner really is, it is clear that employment for seafarers is risky and may end up in non-payment of salaries. Not to get into such a situation, the trade union recommends to seafarers prior to taking a job to find out all possible information about the employer, including to ask for advice from the SUR representatives.

Source: Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office; photo MarineTraffic