Container ship Kapitan Shchetinina went on a commercial voyage

Vladivostok welcomed  a new container ship Kapitan Shchetinina, the first of six ships built in China for FESCO Transport Group as part of a fleet expansion program of the Far Eastern Shipping Company. The vessel is named after the first female sea captain, Hero of Socialist Labor, Honorary Citizen of Vladivostok Anna Ivanovna Shchetinina. The naming of the vessel after the legend of the Russian national fleet was timed to her 115th birthday.

Valeriy Berezinskii, Chairman of the SUR Primary Organization of Vladivostok noted that  fleet expansion is a symbolic, significant and meaningful event demonstrating  that the shipping company not only shows stable operations  but also confidently moving forward under the challenging economic conditions  and sanctions: "The new ships mean additional jobs with good salaries in line with international standards set by the International Bargaining Forum (IBF)."

Valery Berezinskii emphasized that the shipping company remembers and honors its workers: The naming of the container ship after the legendary and famous female captain Anna Shchetinina is a clear  confirmation of this. Other ship names continue this glorious tradition: Captain Gotsky, Captain Maslov, Captain Afanasiev, Captain Krems, Captain Kondratiev, Captain Biankik.

The crew of the container ship Kapitan Shchetinina consisting of 19 Far East residents will work  under command of the Captain Alexander Bekhtin. All the crew are the  members of  Seafarers' Union of Russia, as SUR and FESCO are longstanding  social partners. All the company's Russian flagged vessels operate under the SUR collective agreement, and all the foreign flagged  fleet operate  under the International Transport Workers Federation  collective agreement based on the IBF standards, - Valery Berezinskii explained. 

Fully aware of the intensity of work at sea and wishing  to help the crew to keep fit, the trade union  handed over to the ship's crew some  sporting  equipment: a treadmill, a sports bench, a set of dumbbells and a barbell.

The container ship left Vladivostok and began  its first commercial voyage on March 8, the  International Women's Day. The container ship  Kapitan Shchetinina will operate between the ports of China and St. Petersburg. General characteristic of the vessel are: length 172 m, a width  32.2 m, deadweight  31,100 tons, and a container capacity  2471 TEU.