New Inspectors joined the ITF

The International Transport Workers' Federation announced an appointment of Sandra Bernal as a new ITF FOC Network Coordinator for Asia Pacific. She will assume her responsibilities on the 1st of February. She is based in Sydney and is responsible for developing the existing Contacts Network and reinforcing support for the ITF in the area.

Within the  Network activity,  representatives of ITF-affiliated trade unions, welfare organizations and others are providing support to Sandra regarding requests for assistance from seafarers from those countries in the region where there are no ITF Inspectors. Besides,   ITF currently has Contacts Network in Africa, the Arab world and Iran, as well as in Latin America. 

Sandra's contact details are: Maritime Union of Australia, Level 2, 3, 65 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Mobile phone: +61 410 541 763, email: bernal_sandra@itf.org.uk.

In addition, a newly appointed ITF Inspector Jack McCabe took up his duties on 6 February. He is based in Port Hedland, but also comes to the rescue in other ports of Australia as needed. His contact details are: Maritime Union of Australia, 2-4 Kwong Alley, Nth Fremantle, Perth, WA 6159. Mobile phone: +61 410 390 081, email: mccabe_jack@itf.org.uk.

The Seafarers' Union of Russia notes that ITF representatives around the world assist maritime  workers, regardless of their  nationality, religion, country of origin, gender and other characteristics, to get their salaries, to sign off from ships and to defend their rights in other disputable situations. If  a SUR-member  seafarer faces problems with a shipowner abroad, he can count on the same dedicated  support that he would receive at his home country.

Photo ITF