Everything is fine on board the vessel covered by the SUR collective agreement!

Last week representatives of the Baltic Territorial Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia  visited  the general cargo ship "Milena" (flag of the Russian Federation) berthed at St. Petersburg. 12 crew members met them on board. "Milena" arrived to the northern capital with a general cargo loaded in South Korea. 

The voyage was quite long, but everything went as usual, - AB Seaman  Denis Davydov  (pictured) said.

Long voyages do not tire out the seafarer, he isn't a newcomer at this work. Denis himself is from Yeysk and is incredibly pleased to be employed on board the "Milena".

-The working conditions are very good, he explained. - These are  a decent salary, which is always paid on time, full-fledged supplies, timely crew change. In general, everything is great!

Indeed, the shipping company complies with all obligations under the current collective agreement concluded with the Seafarers' Union of Russia. By the way, the working conditions of seafarers fully comply with Russian legislation regarding the social welfare of seafarers, including various contributions to funds. 

Among other things, thanks to the installed satellite system on board, the crew has access to the Internet  while at sea. The data transfer rate is at a decent level, the reception quality of the signal is fine: so, you can contact relatives and friends, send photos and even videos, - Third Officer Kirill Lotonin explained.

As for the employer, it is the Baltic Shipping Company, one of the largest companies  in the North-West of the country. The previous name  of the company was "TRANSFLOT". The seafarers welcomed   the renaming.

TRANSFLOT is already well known and has earned a very good review. There is no doubt that with the new name the company will continue to follow the tried-and-true course, - the seafarer assured.

-We are all very happy that the BSC is back on duty, Third Officer added . - This is a kind of incentive for further development.

Besides, the BTO SUR representatives answered all the questions of crew members and  provide them necessary explanations regarding the current collective agreement. The hospitable crew of the "Milena" organized a little  tour of the ship for them.

Based on the materials of the BTO SUR