FETO SUR and Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office pursue cooperation

So, today the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor Alexander Voronin and  the Chairman of  Far Eastern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia (FETO SUR) Nikolay Sukhanov have signed  an Agreement on cooperation and coordination in providing  protection of legitimate rights and interests of seafarers living in the Far East. The new document will be valid until 2026.

It should be noted that on June 22, 2020, the parties also concluded a similar agreement, but  it has expired recently. During the meeting, the SUR FETO Chairman and the Prosecutor discussed the implementation of previous agreements and came to the conclusion that cooperation and joint efforts enhance more effective protection of the constitutional rights of seafarers to safe work, as  well as identification, elimination and prevention of violations. Therefore, the need for its renewal was obvious.

Under the new agreement the parties agreed to develop various forms of interaction: the exchange of official documents, analytical and information materials on issues related to the state of legality in the field of seafarers' labor rights, information on violations of these rights, including wages. It is also planned to hold research-to-practice  conferences, round tables, seminars and meetings on advocacy of maritime transport workers interests. The Action Plan of the SUR FETO and the Prosecutor's office includes joint inspections of crewing agencies, Russian vessels in the Far Eastern ports, addressing seafarers' rights violations with undertaking of relevant  measures.

- Both the trade union and representatives of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office are interested in cooperation, - Nikolay Sukhanov said. This will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of prosecutor's supervision and public control over compliance with labor legislation and international conventions on the seafarers' labor rights.

Besides, the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office has already drafted  a package of proposals to submit to the Government of the Russian Federation concerning the implementation of the Maritime Labor Convention 2006 requirements regarding financial securities of shipowners in connection with the death of seafarers during the time of the contract. 

Nikolay Sukhanov believes it is very important to bring in the legislation the amount of insurance payments to the seafarer's relatives in case of death, as well as amendments to the rules on crew members' insurance at insurance companies.