ITF: FAIRMONT SHIPPING UK LTD engages in extortion

According to the International Transport Workers' Federation, scammers use the fake website www.fairmontshippingukltd.com and the email address hr@fairmontshippingukltd.com to  trick seafarers  into paying money for UK visas using fake copies of British government visa application forms.

The ITF keeps reminding that employment fraud is rampant at the moment. The scammers often pretend to be recruiters or crewing  managers and use ever more sophisticated ways to make their job offer seem true. Among other things, they create real-looking websites and use direct contact methods such as WhatsApp, Viber and Linkedin.

Every year the ITF receives hundreds of reports about fraudsters and seafarers who have become their victims. In response to that the ITF  has created a resource itfshipbesure.org, which, among other things, posts information about companies and practices of concern. If you have any doubts about a job offer or the payments you are being asked to make in order to get a job, a visa, etc., please email us at jobscam@itf.org.uk, -  the ITF urges.

The  ITF is waiting for your reports about  scammers, their schemes and related web-sites. The Federation promises complete confidentiality.

Besides, in case of any doubts concerning  employment seafarers can contact the Seafarers' Union of Russia,   SUR representatives are always happy to share the available information about the employer and the vessel.