Deficiencies have been found out on board the m/v "Azov Confidence"

Following  the explosion on board the  "Azov Confidence" (the flag of the Marshall Islands), one Ukrainian seafarer went missing, one Russian crew member was taken to the hospital.

The incident occurred on the 2nd of November off the Turkey coast. Fire caught the vessel soon after she left the port of Samsun for  Novorossiysk. According to the "Deniz Haber" resource, the Ukrainian Engineer took  fire, jumped  overboard  and went missing: a search and rescue operation did not bring any results. Another crew member, a 42-year-old Russian, was injured in the explosion: he was taken to the Samsun Education and  Research Hospital and  released after outpatient treatment.

Details on the extent of damage to the vessel were not reported. It is only known that the explosion occurred in the engine room. We also managed to find out that "Azov Confidence" has never been delayed by the Port State Control. However, this August inspectors in Novorossiysk identified several safety-related deficiencies on board this vessel. They related the launching of lifeboats, rescue boat stocks, medical equipment and navigation bridge visibility.

Seafarers' Union of  Russia notes that when it comes to substandard shipping, port state control inspectors have, perhaps, one way out - to tighten  inspections and penalties for non-compliance with international requirements. Seafarers should not risk their lives because the shipowner does not care about  the condition of the vessel .

Source: tradewinds.com; photo: Cavit Ege Tulca/marinetraffic.com