Problems may emerge after termination of the ITF collective agreement

That was the first-hand  experience of a seafarer from Kaliningrad: a new employer did not pay him wages after the sale of the vessel and the suspension of the ITF collective agreement. Since June 7, 2022, the company had been feeding the crew member with promises and excuses. As a result, he turned to the Kaliningrad Territorial Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia for assistance.

Chairman of the KTO SUR Lyudmila Izmalkova has told that one warning was enough to resolve the issue:

- We contacted the shipowner and explained that at the next port of call scheduled in Ireland - the ship could be detained by local authorities for such a serious violation as non-payment of the seafarer's salary.

It was not too long as  the seafarer got in touch with the trade union again. He confirmed that the agent had brought him the entire amount of the debt and tickets home as the seafarer  decided to sign off from the vessel.

The KTO SUR received gratitude for the urgently address  the problem.

Photo by  ITF