Happy International Workers' Day!

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Seafarers Union of Russia  and myself  I congratulate you on  Spring and Labor Day!

May Day brings together people of different professions, generations, beliefs genuine toilers  strengthening  our country's economy  on day-to-day basis with their skills, talents and knowledge. This holiday is rooted in the far  past, but it has not become less important and relevant : today, more than ever, it is crucial to remember that  people of work have more common interests than differences!

The life affirming slogan Peace, Labor, May is familiar to everyone,  at all times it has embodied a  desire for prosperity and development. The SUR always sets as its task - to make the lives  of marine  workers better and more comfortable. Despite the temporary challenges, I sincerely wish that work at sea will bring moral feel-good!

May  this holiday give optimism and faith in your own strength! May the work of every Russian be sought, appreciated and delivers benefits and prosperity to society. Goodness, peace and all the best!

SUR Chairman Yury Sukhorukov