Education of new trade union activists generation is a paramount task

That is the keynote of the first day of the SUR Council  meeting which has started its work today in Moscow.

The leaders of the territorial and primary organizations of the SUR considered the current issues on the agenda, listened to the information delivered by the coordinator of the Youth Council of the SUR, the Chairman of the SUR  Sevastopol Primary Organization  Artem Boev.

Yesterday the first face-to-face meeting of the Youth Council of the SUR took place, he said, The  important item on the agenda was the impact of the current political situation in the world on the work of Russian sailors, so the idea to put  a flash mob #SeafarersOutOfPolitics came up.  The planned starting date  is April 24, the International Day of Diplomacy. To join this flash mob the seafarer should made a portrait photo showing the simple truth: seafarers  are peaceful people who transport up to 90% of vital goods around the world, and no political events should lead to discrimination against them. The final chord, as planned by the Youth Council of the SUR, will be the release of a gift photo edition in two languages. 

Chairman of the SUR Yury Sukhorukov reminded the members of the Council that the participation of each organization in the attracting young people to the trade union is needed. Besides, it is advisably  to intensify this work through close cooperation with the maritime training institutions of the country in the regions where there are SUR organizations: for example, through the setting up of SUR shop organizations at universities, the establishment of trade union scholarships and awareness and information activity, like it is arranged now at Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime  State University in Vladivostok.

Yury Sukhorukov stressed  to attract young people to the trade union is a strategically very important task, and  it cannot be delayed to address.

Tomorrow the SUR Council will continue its work.