The latest issue of the Maritime Union's Herald: from Marine College to Master and to brief cadets on trade union

The focus of this year's first issue of the Maritime Union's Herald is on the draft law on the technical ship management,  the problems of labor safety and obtaining compensation in case of a tragic accident during a voyage.

The front-page article "If you want to be a Master - be one!" highlights the long-term struggle which  the Seafarers' Union of Russia lead for the right of graduates of secondary maritime educational institutions to become captains, chief mates and chief engineers. It is worth reminding that the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation deprived them of such  opportunity in 2013: the authority  considered that  only higher education guarantees in-depth knowledge. The SUR has always adhered to a different view - the experience gained during  voyages is the main proof of the seafaring expertise.

Eduard Zhuravlev, Chairman of Russian Union of Dockers'  Primary Organization of JSC Tuapse Commercial Sea Port  outlined the main problems of labor safety that Russian Union of Dockers (RUD) representatives face on a  daily basis. He believes that comprehensive identification of injury causes would help to  minimize the number of transport accidents. Read about this in the article "Strengthening  the role of trade unions in  labor management."

The article "The first case in judicial practice" depicts the case when the transport prosecutor's office supported the claim of a Russian citizen against a Russian shipowner on a vessel flying a flag of convenience. Until recently Russian courts have not  even admitted such claims with reference to lack of jurisdiction. This traditional approach has deprived our seafarers of the opportunity to seek justice in a Russian court. Now the precedent set will serve as an example for other seafarers who find themselves in a similar situation.

The investigation of an accident that occurred on board a  Russian-flagged vessel draw attention to  safety issues. Yevgeny Khizhnyak, Chief Labor Inspector of the SUR shares some details in the article Safety First and gives seafarers professional advice.

In the magazine Maritime Union's Herald the Seafarers' Union of Russia thanks Kim Hye Kyung for her supporting to Russian seafarers. Early in the  year Kim Hye Kyung, ITF Coordinator in South Korea, retired. For more than 30 years of work she has become an example for women seeking to build  a career in the industry, and has done a lot for supporting  crew members, including Russian seafarers. Thanks to her support many of them were not afraid to strike in the ports of South Korea and received wage debts.

Read about this and much more in the latest issue of Maritime Union's Herald. The electronic version of the journal is available HERE.