Sick seafarer was provided medical assistance in Fujairah

The crew member, who asked for help to the Baltic Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia, has recently signed off the vessel at the port of Fujairah, where he was examined by doctors and safely repatriated to his homeland. Now he is safe,  recovering and thanks the SUR for their support and engagement.

The seafarer  turned to the Union in January. He told that during his voyage on board the vessel  Violet 1 (the flag of Panama) his leg became inflamed - a phlegmon formed. However, he didn't  find sympathy from the crew members: no one even reported to the company that he was feeling sick and  running a fever. Over the next few days, the phlegmon increased in size, carbuncles went all over the body, and he started getting a chill. Nevertheless, nobody even discussed  the possibility of calling at a nearest port of the UAE, though the sick seafarer  was just 4 hours away from medical help in Fujairah. According to the seafarer,  the captain told  him that, perhaps, the nearest port call  would be only in mid-March.

Then the seafarer contacted the BTO SUR, and the case had moved on. According to Alexander Bodnya, the SUR BTO Chairman, the Odessa-based  crewing agency assured them that  the sick seafarer would get help. And indeed, a few days later the Union received a message that the ship had weighed anchor and was on its way to Fujairah.

On January 28, the seafarer signed off the vessel, was taken to the hospital, where he was given first aid, and on January 29 he was sent home to St. Petersburg. The seafarer told the Union that he was feeling much better and thanked the SUR for their support.

Aleksander Bodnya added that Inspector of the International Transport Workers Federation in Ukraine Natalya Efrimenko and the head of  Seafarers Relief  Fund Assol Anna Murugova contributed in resolving the case either.

Photo: marinetraffic.com