Crew of the m/v HTC Delta supported the signing of the ITF collective agreement

Seafarers from the m/v HTC Delta (flag of the Marshall Islands, IMO 9679385), moored in Nakhodka, do not know how much their health and lives are insured for. As the chairman of the Far Eastern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia Nikolay Sukhanov noted, this is typical for a ship which are not covered by the ITF collective agreement and operating under the flag of convenience.

During the visit the vessel, which was under coal loading, it turned out that the crew consists of 20 seafarers. The captain, the Chief Mate and the Chief Engineer are from South Korea, the rest of the sailors are from Indonesia. The base rate of an AB is $625, which is slightly short of the minimum required by the International Labor Organization.

Using a convenient flag, the South Korean company Integris Co Ltd saves on the wages of sailors, about which the crew was informed, - says Nikolay Sukhanov.

He explains that the ITF defines the flag of convenience as a system of withdrawal from the jurisdiction of national states and the lack of communication between the beneficial shipowner and the flag state, in which it is difficult to find the final beneficiary.

The ITF' s campaign against flags of convenience has two goals, In political terms, the federation is working with major maritime powers to eliminate the system of flags of convenience. In the production sector, it establishes a minimum wage and acceptable working conditions, which are supported by seafarers' unions ITF member organizations around the world with the help of a collective agreement. Ships crews should understand that only ITF collective agreement on board guarantees the observance of their rights and interests, -he continues.

It is not surprising that the crewmembers of the HTC Delta asked the FETO SUR to send a warning letter to the shipowner with request to  sign the ITF agreement.

In addition, at the meeting, we handed over to the seafarers the magazines Maritime Union Herald and books telling about the rights of workers on ships under a convenient flag. They also have the addresses and phone numbers of ITF inspectors around the world in case of unforeseen situations, - adds Nikolay Sukhanov.

Additionally before the FETO SURs representatives left the vessel the crew  had held an action in support of the ITF requirements at the stern of the vessel.