Novorossiysk Interclub offers virtual excursions to seafarers

The Novorossiysk International Seafarers' Center summed up the results of its work in 2021: 2,440 people used its services, of which only 1,000 people were offline. Simple human communication has always been important for seafarers, but now they are deprived of the opportunity to go out into the city and visit us. Therefore, virtual interaction is becoming more important. Nevertheless, the interclub managed to adapt to the new format of work. Last year we refocused on remote servicing of crewmembers and offered virtual excursions to sailors, which gained popularity in a short time. After a while it became clear that the future belongs to thematic cycles. Today, the interclub offers cycles Museums of the World with materials from thirty of the best museums in the world, as well as Historical Novorossiysk, Modern Novorossiysk, Sights of the Krasnodar Territory, Dostoevsky's Petersburg and others,- says Vitold Yatskevich, manager Seafarers Center. Vitold Yatskevich adds that in general, at the request of the crew, the center can prepare other virtual excursions, but then, the crewmembers need to contact the interclub in advance before the vessel arrives at the port. They can do this by phone +7(960)481-91-55 or through the feedback form on the website of the centerhttps://isc-nvr.ru/en/contact-us/.

The very preparation of a virtual tour is a troublesome and slow business.  Selection of video materials, music and text, drawing up a sketch and so on - everything needs to be carefully thought out. But even when this part of the work is done, there are other troubles ahead, less pleasant.  A big problem is the delivery of video materials on board the ship to the port. The simplest way, of course, is to send by e-mail, but this is not always possible. Most often, seafarers ask that the tour be recorded on some media. As for servicing people in the still familiar format, the center's services were mainly used by seafarers on shore leave, navy veterans and cadets,- admits the manager of the Interclub.