Happy National Unity Day!

Dear friends and colleagues,

on behalf of the Seafarers Union of Russia and on my own behalf, I congratulate you on the National Unity Day!

As you know, this holiday goes back to the long ago 1612 year, when, in fact, the Time of Troubles, one of the hardest periods in the history of Russia, ended. Afterwards the Russian people united and defended the Motherland against the invaders. 

Over the past four centuries our country has seen many such examples when it was the unity of the entire nation that led to victories, fostered changes and promoted preservation of the cultural heritage.

Our strength has always and at all times been precisely in unity! We have always been distinguished by pursuit of justice and team spirit. And today, when the world has been in pandemic mode for almost two years, it is important for us to unite again and overcome this hard time together. 

Despite  we are all different and everyone has his own way we are connected not only by the past and present of our Motherland, but by faith in a wonderful future and hope for good changes.

Wherever life or work takes you today, please accept my sincere congratulations on the national holiday - may peace, comfort and well-being reign in your homes!

SUR Chairman 

Yury Sukhorukov