SUR primary trade union organization of Sevastopol states that the peak of appeals fell on 2020

The primary trade union organization of Sevastopol for 2016-2020 helped its members and their relatives to achieve payments in the amount of about $480 thousands with the assistance of the SUR Department of International Relations and ITF inspectors. Unfortunately, in the Crimean region, non-payment of wages is the number one reason why sailors turn to the trade union for help. This was the case with the crews of Maniviki Rover, Pollux, Orestina, Diddi and UCF-2- says Artem Boev, chairman of the organization. However, the peak of appeals came last year, when many countries closed their borders. Naturally, at that time, the seafarers most often asked for assistance in repatriation.

We managed to help the crewmembers from the vessels Sea of Luck, Mainstream, Remos, Professor Mikhailo Alexandrov, GasIonian. For example, the 2nd Engineer from the last ship remained on board for a month longer than stipulated in his contract and asked for assistance. After negotiations with the company, he was replaced in Fujairah, UAE.- A. Boev continues. With the assistance of the SUR chief technical inspector, Evgeniy Khizhnyak, the relatives of the deceased seafarer who worked on m/v Region 87 received compensation in the total amount of 1,300,000 rubles, and were also able to get a survivor's allowance. Also, a trade union member can ask questions to a lawyer and get qualified answers to them. The organization also does not forget about the children of seafarers as tickets for New Year's events and sweet gifts are purchased for them every year. We would like to add that the representatives of organization are regular participants in meetings, seminars, meetings related to the development of the trade union movement in Russia, issues of the social sphere of life in the region, as well as the protection of the labor rights of seafarers. Thus, the chairman of the trade union committee Artem Boev participates in the work of the youth Committee of the European Transport Workers Federation (EFT) and meetings of the Interdepartmental Working Group on coordinating the actions of law enforcement agencies of the Sevastopol Transport region to combat crimes and offenses in the social sphere under the chairmanship of the Sevastopol Transport Prosecutor's Office. 792 people are registered in the organization.