Pola Rise cares about the well-being of its seafarers

Within the framework of the collective agreement concluded between Pola Rise LLC and the Seafarers Union of Russia, all necessary measures are being taken to ensure the health safety of crewmembers in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, each ship under the company's management has express tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19 detection and the telemedicine service is actively used, which has shown its effectiveness in practice. Thanks to this approach, seafarers have the opportunity to quickly contact doctors and get professional advice.

The contract with the network of medical centers allows employees to undergo a free medical examination and get vaccinated against Covid-19 in the direction of the company. The measures taken by Pola Rise have already brought positive results as more and more crewmemners decide in favor of vaccination before going on a voyage. This, by the way, also ensures the smooth operation of the company's fleet.

We should add that the vessels of the Pola Rise are quite active in Europe, including calling at the ports of Finland. And the fact that the working conditions on board are at a decent level is recognized even by the demanding inspectors of the Finnish Seafarers Union, an ITF affiliated member. However, this is not surprising as not so long ago, Pola Rise and SUR re-signed a collective agreement for 19 vessels of the RSD 59 project and one vessel of the RSD 49 project. It should be noted that the working conditions for the crewmembers have become better than they were, in particular, wages have increased.

The SUR reminds that on the issue of employment on ships managed by Pola Rise, working under the SUR collective agreement, you can contact by e-mail cv@inok-tm.com.