A workshop organization of the SUR was created at the Marine State University named after adm. G. I. Nevelsky

On July 29, an open vote was held on the creation of a workshop organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia at the Marine State University named after adm. G. I. Nevelsky. It was attended by cadets, members of the SUR, namely Leonid Levitsky, Ilya Panchishin, Igor Kapushchak, Sergey Mazilnikov, Nikita Vitvitsky and Taras Zhigalov. They unanimously supported the idea of reviving the trade union chapel at the university, which had ceased to exist for several years. In addition, Nikita Vitvitsky was elected chairman of the workshop organization, and Tarars Zhigalov was elected his deputy.

Earlier, Nikita Vitvitsky noted that the cadets need the trade union for many reasons: this way they can learn more about their rights and how to protect them. In addition, they have their own specific problems, such as the lack of the same salaries and working conditions as more experienced workers.

Petr Osichanskiy, Chairman of the SUR primary trade union organization of seafarers in Vladivostok, supported the young people in their desire to unite, which is an important tool in the fight for their rights. He also told them about the difficulties and problems that the seafarers had to face during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the cadets themselves will soon be able to experience them for themselves during their shipboard training. As Petr Osichansky noted, today many of the seafarers are forced to stay on board even after the completion of contracts. This not only violates their rights, but also seriously affects their psychological well-being.

According to Petr Osichanskiy, some crewmembers reported to the trade union that they were unable to continue working, even despite decent salaries and generally good working conditions. Only during the past year, the SUR organization in Vladivostok received 30 requests to assist in the shift and helped 33 seafarers to sign off. The trade union continues this work today.

We should add that interaction with cadets of maritime educational institutions is one of the important areas of activity of the SUR. Developing it, the trade union organizes meetings with cadet, and also pays personal scholarships to the most gifted of them.

The Seafarers Union of Russia is convinced that future marine specialists should know where to turn in case of violation of rights. In addition, they should be aware of the advantages that membership in a trade union gives them.