Instruction on labor protection for a cadet

The chief technical labor inspector of the Seafarers Union of Russia, Evgeniy Khizhnyak, conducted an instruction on labor protection for a fifth-year student of the department of the marine engineering of the College of the State University of the Sea and River Fleet named after Adm. S. O. Makarov.  Jaromir is flying to Ireland for his first on the job internship as a cadet. The young man will work in a mixed crew on a ship owned by the German company.

As explained by E. Khizhnyak, before going on a voyage, all seafarers must undergo such briefings.  Such meetings bring special attention to the observance of discipline on board the ship. In addition, information is provided on all documents, including the MLC 2006, information on actual national and international regulations and sanitary rules is provided.- said the SUR chief technical labour inspector.

Evgeniy Khizhnyak also advised the cadet to study the ship well, ask questions to colleagues, keep a report on shipboard training and always remember the simple but very important rule of three points of touch, when two hands and a leg or two legs and a hand are on the ladder when climbing or descending the ladder.

Just in case, he also gave Jaromir a directory with the phone numbers of all the inspectors of the ITF, in case there were difficulties or misunderstandings. Although Evgeniy Khizhnyak is convinced that there should be no problems.

I think the guy has a great future and good career prospects in the company, if, of course, he manages to prove himself positively on the first voyage he added.

The shipboard training will last six months, after which the young man will return to College to defend his diploma. Jaromir himself added that he had long ago decided to continue his education at the department of the marine engineering at a maritime university in order to become a competent  ship engineer in the future and make a career on modern ships.

The Seafarers Union of Russia wishes the young seafarer success in training and in further studies.

Photo globalmarine.com.ua