Collective agreement with quality mark

A few days ago, negotiations were held between the shipping company Pola Rise and the Seafarers Union of Russia, the main result of which was the re-signing of a collective agreement for a new period in respect of 19 vessels of the RSD 59 project and one vessel of the RSD 49 project. 

It should be noted that the working conditions for the crewmembers have become better than they were, in particular, wages have increased.

The SUR notes that the company Pola Rise pays special attention to maintaining a high level of social protection of the ship's personnel. This is expressed, first of all, in the creation of decent working conditions for seafarers that meet all the necessary international/national standards. We should add that the company's fleet is quite active in Europe, the vessels call the ports of Great Britain, Finland, etc. And even demanding inspectors of the Finnish Seafarers Union, a member organization of the ITF, recognize that the working conditions on board are at a decent level.

Dmitry Ivanov, a lawyer of the Baltic Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia, noted that this is perhaps the best confirmation of the quality mark for the collective agreement applicable to ships operating under the Russian flag.  If you, dear seafarers, are interested in working on ships managed by Pola Rise, which are covered by the collective agreement of the Seafarers Union of Russia, then please contact us by e - mail: cv@inok-tm.com. In such a company, everything is fair and without deception, -the BTO SUR notes.