Cadets join the SUR

The other day, two cadets of the third year of the department of marine engineering of the Maritime State University named after adm. G. I. Nevelsky received SUR membership card in the SUR Pacific Union Organization in Vladivostok. According to the chairman of the PUO SUR  Valeriy Berezinskiy, they have chosen the right path, which will allow them to be confident in the reliable protection of their social and labor rights in the future.

The trade union is going to help the cadets not only in the future, when they will be full members of the ship's crew, but already today. As Valeriy Berezinskiy noted, currently one of their main problems is difficulties with finding a place to undergo shipboard training. This has always been a difficult task, but with the onset of the pandemic, it has become even more complicated. Many companies have curtailed their internship programs. To help our new members, we will ask the crewing agencies to arrange interviews with cadets. Everything there will depend on the guys themselves, their professional knowledge and the level of English. Today, despite the fact that all cadets know that they will need the language in their work, still not everyone knows it to the extent that shipowners require.  Someone makes afford to learn it in depth, someone does not ,-" he says.

During the meeting, the chairman of the PUO SUR also told the cadets in detail about the activities of the trade union, its structure, working methods and opportunities. In particular, it was said that the SUR is an affiliated member of the ITF, which has a huge influence in the world of shipping, ITF inspectors conduct inspections on ships and actively fights for the rights of crewmembers both on particular ships and at the state level.