Provide an enforceable global protocol for "green channel" travel for seafarers

Mariners worldwide deliver 80% of trade and are crucial to the supply chain.  This has been enhanced and more important since COVID.  

Normally at sea for around 8 months at a time many have been forced to spend 16 or more months at sea during COVID.  Countries have closed their borders, flights stopped and extremely taxing rules put in place for any travel.  This has placed an extraordinary strain on mental welfare of the mariners.  It has also put the safety of ships at risk.  

Mariners at home have been unable to join ships, and have been unable to support their families.  In many ports they are denied health care.  

Seafarers have worked on, governments have been blind and or ignorant to the plight of the seafarers.  This is despite the fact that almost anything you have in your home came on a ship at one time...  truckers and nurses did an amazing job like many others, but they all went home... seafarers did not...

We must get the world leadership to create a protocol that sets out the right of seafarers to travel to and from ships without the onerous regulations for visas.  The industry will comply with vaccines and isolation but we must have a global enforceable protocol for the repatriation of mariners and health care in ports.