Yeysk Interclub celebrates the 15th anniversary

The most hospitable place for seafarers in Yeysk, the Yeisk Interclub, celebrates its 15th anniversary. It was built within the framework of the ITF Seafarers Trusts program to improve the social and consumer services of the crewmembers. Since then, about a thousand seafarers, mainly Russians, Ukrainians and Azerbaijanis, have visited the interclub annually.

Like many organizations, more than a year ago, the center had to adapt to work in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic. Director, Angela Batoeva, recalls that at the beginning of 2020, the work was carried out as usual- the seafarers came to distract themselves from the ship's everyday life, play billiards and board games, use Wi-Fi. Then the city authorities imposed a strict quarantine and a ban on visits, and then the idea was born in the club to deliver food prepared in the center's kitchen to ships and to the port. This continued for three months, until the first easing began.

According to A. Batoeva, the work of the interclub in the previous mode was more or less restored towards the end of the year. Now the crewmembers can relax here again, use the services of a hairdresser and a massage therapist, and even pay attention to your own health, doing joint exercises to prevent many diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The top service, without a doubt, remains legal assistance. The center employs a lawyer who advises seafarers free of charge on all legal issues. Non-payment of wages is the main reason that often leads crewmembers to the lawyer.

Another obvious advantage is the proximity to the Yeisk territorial organization of the Southern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia. Members of the SUR can always combine business with pleasure: take a break from everyday work and get professional advice.

We should add that next month the Novorossiysk Seafarers ' Center also celebrates 13 years since its foundation. It was also built thanks to the ITF program, in which the Seafarers Union of Russia became a participant.