Seafarers come to the SUR for legal assistance

Since the beginning of 2021 more than 100 seafarers have applied to the Baltic Territorial Organization of the SUR for legal assistance. As always, most of the  challenges concern employment issues. Also, more and more  seafarers want to get advice and clarifications on pension benefits.

According to Dmitry Ivanov, the SUR BTO legal adviser,  they consider   a lot of inquiries regarding the legality of refusals to grant an early-retirement pensions, the seafarers take interest in the procedure of contributing  insurance payments to the Pension Fund.

All who have applied are provided with necessary  explanations promptly and , following thorough examining the specific circumstances of the cases, offered an assistance in addressing the problems arisen.  

It is worth noting that during   COVID-19 pandemic  all kinds of scammers offering to facilitate employment have become more active.  So, the number of  appeals concerning the  issues of reliability of certain companies has significantly increased. Of course, the seafarers are provided with all the relevant information.

In any case, seafarers can always seek advice  on any kinds of  questions from the SUR BTO lawyer.

Reception of visitors is organized in compliance with all precautions: wearing of masks and  gloves, maintaining social distance. You can also contact us by phone or e-mail.

Based on materials from the SUR BTO