Happy International Seafarer's Day!

Dear Seafarers !
Today the whole world celebrates the Day of the Seafarer - the day when we all pay tribute to you and express gratitude for your daily hard work, for the courage with which you perform your challenging job. People take it for granted that food products and goods are always available on store shelves, without much thought to how they reach our homes,  hospitals,  enterprises, or who delivers us everything we need,  who supports the global economy and thanks to whom the global supply chain is not interrupted for a minute.  All this thanks to you, our dear seafarers!
For the second year you have been working under severe restrictions: due to the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus infection the normal  crew change process  has been disrupted, you do not know exactly when you will return home: now  it is extremely difficult to leave the ship within the timeframe established by the contract.
Because of strict isolation you have been deprived  of  such vital rights as the right to urgent medical evacuation and the right for a shore leave at the port of call to feel solid ground under your feet. However, through it all you continue to keep the watch with pride, as this is your job, your profession, your way that you have chosen.
Let it weigh on the conscience of national  governments refusing to recognize you as key workers. Nevertheless, maritime trade unions around the world and the Seafarers Union of Russia as well, will make every effort to ensure that your work is recognized by every government, every country, every person!
Happy International Seafarer's Day! Fair winds and following seas! May you and your loved ones be healthy!
Chairman of the Seafarers Union of Russia
Yury Sukhorukov