Standby bonus: keep or return

Lawyers of the Southern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia continue to advise seafarers on all issues of legislation. The organization was contacted by a former crewmember of the MOL group. The young man wanted to get qualified advice about the return of the so-called standby bonus. After serving on board the vessel as a cadet, he went ashore and received a $ 2,000 supplement from the company for waiting for his next voyage. Three months later, he received an offer from another employer. The question arose about the return of the bonus received from MOL. This led the 3rd Officer to join the union. If this is regulated by the internal rules of the company, then the money will have to be returned, there is nothing you can do. According to seafarer, he was repatriated in March, received a bonus and was supposed to join the companys vessel in August. Moreover, he confirmed to the employer his intention to wait for boarding the ship. Now he decided to change the company, and the company made a claim to him to return the received surcharge. It is necessary, of course, to look at all the documents that the seafarer has to provide. If there are legal grounds for this, we will definitely tell him how best to act. - explains lawyer Irina Apanovich. The lawyer emphasizes that seafarers should carefully read the terms of their contracts of employment. You should not be afraid to ask questions before signing a contract. And the members of the union can bring us their documents in order to ensure the safety of their future work, - advises I. Apanovich. Legal advice remains an important component of the social program developed by the union's specialists for seafarers and their families.