Seafarers from m/v Angel-A received 2.5 million rubles

The company Northwest Ship Management Ltd has again entered the field of activity of the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office. Thanks to the intervention of the agency, its management paid off the salary arrears in the amount of about 2, 5 million rubles to the Russian seafarers.

As per information of the Prosecutors Office a cadet complained about a violation of labor rights to the transport prosecutor. It turned out that he did practical training on board the m/v Angel-A, then continued to work as an AB, having signed a contract of employment with Northwest Ship Management Ltd. However, he did not receive a salary. During the inspection, it was found out that the company owed not only to that seafarer, but also to seven his shipmates. The total amount was about 2.5 million rubles. The Primorsky transport Prosecutor's office filed a lawsuit in court seeking for recovery of funds from the shipowner for the payment of wages. Without waiting for a decision, the employer found the money and paid off the debt.

It is noteworthy that under a similar scheme in January 2021 other crewmembers from a ship owned by the company received salary arrears in the amount of 2 million rubles. In January 2020, the shipowner returned $3,500 to a seafarer who served on board the vessel under the flag of Togo, and in December 2019 3 million rubles was paid to the crewmembers from the m/v DPL Alyur.

The company is well known in the Russian Seafarers  Union as previously the concluding a collective agreement was discussed with the employer's representative. As practice shows, all kinds of problems arise precisely in those companies that do not want to enter into a collective agreement with the trade union. We recommend that seafarers take a responsible approach to the employment. Its important to be sure that the vessel is covered by the collective agreement, the crewing agency is well regarded and the shipping company stands well. So you can protect yourself as much as possible before joining the vessel - the SUR explains.