If you're a seafarer, we want to hear from you

Completing ITF Seafarer Survey for March 2021 will only take 5 minutes. All responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

This survey is for both national and international seafarers across all seafaring industries, including cargo, cruise, offshore and passenger services.

Your views are important. Please complete this short survey and help us stand up for seafarers.

This survey will ask you about your experience and views on topics like crew change, vaccines, and the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on you and your family.

If you've taken an ITF crew change survey in recent months, you should fill out this latest version - because completing each version helps us know if things are getting better or worse for seafarers like you.

Any personal data and responses submitted in this form will be collected and stored by the ITF and used solely for the purpose of advocating for crew change. ITF will not share your personal data with any third parties without your consent. For more information on our privacy policy see https://www.itfglobal.org/en/information/privacy-policy 

- According to the latest data, 200 thousand crew members remain at work in addition to contracts, - the Seafarers ' Union of Russia notes. However, not everyone knows about this crisis, and many countries continue to turn a blind eye to the problem. 

The SUR calls on the fleet workers not to remain silent about the difficulties faced by the pandemic, and to take the ITF survey.

To take part can by following the link .