The Yeisk Seafarers ' Center summed up the results of its work in 2020

Despite the fact that 2000 proved to be difficult, the club did not stop providing social services for seafarers, and like many organizations it reorganized its work in the new realities associated with the pandemic and restrictions.

According to the director of the center, Angela Batoeva, at the beginning of the year the club used to function in the ordinary course. Seafarers visited the center to distract themselves from the ship's everyday life, played billiards and board games, and got support if necessary. We managed to organize a celebration on February 23 and March 8. But after the announcement of a pandemic, the crewmembers could no visit us longer.

So the club came up with an idea that became very popular to deliver food prepared in the kitchen of the center, to ships and to the port workers. During three months, until the first easing measures were introduced, the club could survive thanks to this project. According to A. Batoeva, the centers activity was more or less restored towards the end of the year. Here again seafarers can relax, take advantage of free Wi-Fi, use the services of a hairdresser and massage therapist. 

In total, 400 seafarers, mostly Russians, Ukrainians and Georgians, visited its walls last year. For comparison, in 2019, it was visited by about 1000 people. One of those who happened to use the services of the club was the replacement crew of the m/v Muromets.

The ship had to remain in the port of Yeisk due to operation needs. But since the seafarers could not stay on board the tug, we were asked by the Federal Agency for Seaports to settle the crewmembers in the center. Naturally, we did not refuse and for three months seafarers from Rostov-on-Don and Azov lived here. They received a 20% discount on various services of the center. Angela Batoeva also added that in 2020 the seafarers often applied for consultations with a lawyer who conducted the first meeting for free. Basically, they complained for non-payment of wages.

The Yeisk International Seafarers ' Center is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.