The SUR in Vladivostok has achieved payments of 39 million rubles

The primary trade union organization of seafarers of Vladivostok of the SUR summed up the results of the work for the past year. As before, the trade union committee repeatedly had to defend the right of crewmembers to safe work, decent wages, repatriation and normal life on the ship. So in 2020 the representatives of the union visited 105 vessels and helped seafarers to get salary debts and insurance payments in the amount of more than 39 million rubles. According to Alexandra Zgorzhelskaya, the deputy chairman of the primary trade union organization of seafarers of Vladivostok, a lot of requests were received regarding the organization of shifts in the Far East in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout the year, the trade union shared information among the seafarers and shipowners on possible repatriation. We received about 30 requests for assistance and were able to assist 33 seafarers. In addition, the crews of the m/v  Vasily Shukshin, Port May, Bourbon, Eleen Sofia, Enigma Australis, Costa Neoromantica, Ice Stream Pola, Ariake, Pacific Cebu, Pia and others as well were assisted.  For example, a boatswain from m/v Pia, who was seriously injured during work, was convinced by his own experience of the important role of a collective agreement on board the ship. Only thanks to the agreement the seafarer, who was recognized as unfit for further work at sea, received 250 thousand US dollars from the P&I club. Another boatswain from the flag-of-convenience ship as well is aware now that a collective agreement is needed. He applied for assistance of the trade union, but unfortunately compensation for him could not be achieved. The documents he submitted were not supportive and the vessel was not covered by the collective agreement. So we decided to provide him with financial assistance, - explains Alexandra  Zgorzhelskaya. In general, during the year, the trade union committee provided financial support to eight members of the SUR. In addition, our organization continues to grant scholarships to the most successful cadets of the Maritime State University named after Adm. G. I. Nevelsky. The support of the younger generation, who made a choice in favor of the maritime profession, has become a tradition for the trade union committee. There is also a program of inter-trip insurance, under which insurance policies are issued. 436 seafarers from MOL were taken out a policy. Last year our organization concluded one collective agreement and increased its membership. 106 seafarers and 6 cadets of Maritime State University named after Adm. G. I. Nevelsky joined the union. Today, the trade union committee unites 1,332 people, of which 1,246 are crewmembers working on ships under a foreign flag, 68 are under the Russian flag, and 18 are cadets of the Maritime State University named after Adm. G. I. Nevelsky, admitted Alexandra  Zgorzhelskaya