The crew of the m/v Star Aqua was paid a two-month debt

Two branches of the Seafarers Union of Russia helped the seafarers from different parts of the country. First the primary trade union organization of seafarers of Sevastopol was contacted by the 3 Engineer from m/v Star Aqua (IMO 9573921, flag of Panama) who advised that salary has not been paid for two months. Besides all crewmembers were infected with Covid-19. Then the head of organization from Sevastopol contacted the primary trade union organization of seafarers of Vladivostok, where the shipowner's office is located and asked to find out the circumstances of how the debt arose.

We immediately contacted the company and we managed to find out that after calling Busan, the ship is planned to be sold in Chiba, Japan, said the Chairman of the primary trade union organization of the SUR in Vladivostok, Petr Osichanskiy. The director explained the delay in wages by the fact that due to the restrictions of the Chinese authorities, the ship was in China for more than a month, having remained on the roadstead for 42 days. He assured that the full settlement with the crew will be made in South Korea, where they will be paid until December 20, inclusive. So, in accordance with the memorandum of understanding (MOU), until December 20, the vessel was to be transferred to new owners in Japan. In addition, fuel and food supplies were planned in Busan, and plane tickets for the entire crew were already booked. The director also confirmed that there was a real situation with coronavirus infection on board, but its development was prevented thanks to the good medicines on board. The trade union organization of Vladivostok shared the information received with its Sevastopol colleagues, noting that those seafarers whose contracts have not yet been completed in connection with the sale of the vessel can apply to the shipowner for compensation, the amount of which can be limited to the amount of wages for two months in accordance with the Principle B In 2.6.1.of the MLC.

On December 24, it became known that the crewmembers were paid in full, - said Petr Osichanskiy. All the seafarers safely returned home from Japan after the transfer of the ship to the new owner, and the 3 Engineer who applied to the trade union committee, confirmed that the crew received a two-month debt. The seafarer thanked the trade union committee for its prompt and effective work.

The Source: sur-vl.ru