The seafarers were changed in Dubai

The situation that has arisen in connection with the coronavirus pandemic around the world has seriously complicated the lives of seafarers. It directly affected their right to complete work at the end of the contract and return home. Deadlines for signed contracts were violated everywhere. However, if in March-April the extension of contracts looked like the only reasonable way out of this situation, then in May it can be considered as abuse. By mid-summer the contracts of many crewmembers had been extended more then double. A member of the Seafarers Union of Russia, the second engineer from the vessel RDO Fortuna (flag of Liberia, IMO 9623673), found himself in the same position as almost all the seafarers who stuck at sea during the period of the coronavirus pandemic declared around the world and the introduction of strict travel restrictions. In December 2019 he signed a four-month contract. However, upon the completion of the contract, the company informed him that due to the pandemic the voyage was extended for two months. At the end of the additional period, it turned out that there will be no replacement as there are no suitable ports of call for its arrangement. As a result, he remained on board for seven months and applied for assistance in repatriation to the DVRO SUR. It is important to note here that the ship itself was covered by the ITF collective agreement, signed by the shipowner and the German trade union Ver.di. The situation with the second engineer really looked difficult, - said the Chairman of the DVRO SUR Nikolay Sukhanov. Upon our request, the International Department of the SUR informed the ITF that a member of the SUR from m/v  RDO Fortuna could not return home. The ITF in turn contacted its member- trade Union Ver. di. As a result, after negotiations with the employer the repatriation was arranged and the crew, consisting of 12 Filipinos, a Pole, three Ukrainians and four Russians, was changed with a replacement in Dubai. So thanks to the Union solidarity the seafarers received timely support and real help. Upon returning to Nakhodka, the second engineer visited the office of the DVRO SUR and personally thanked the Seafarers Union of Russia for their work.