"I can't believe that I have to beg for my earned money

The second engineer from the m/v Mid Nature (flag of the Cayman Islands, IMO 9542154) thanked the SUR for their help in obtaining wages. On August 16, 2020, while moored in Singapore, the seafarer felt unwell and applied for the Master for medical assistance. The crewmember was taken by boat to the hospital, where the necessary examination and treatment was conducted. As a result, the state of his health allowed him to continue working at sea, but by coincidence, his workplace was already occupied. Therefore, the company decided to terminate the contract and send the seafarer home. The second engineer joined Mid Nature on 31 May 2020, the shipowner is the company Diamond Shipmanagment PTE, Singapore, says Nikolay Sukhanov, Chairman of the Far Eastern regional organization of the SUR.  The ship is covered by the ITF collective agreement signed with the Indian trade union NUSI. The seafarer was signed off and before going home he passed 14-day quarantine, after which he flew to Moscow using tickets purchased by the company. But he missed his flight to Samara for reasons beyond his control. As a result, he had to buy a ticket at his own expense and live in a hotel. Upon arrival in Samara on September 3, 2020, the seafarer asked the company for a final payment including the salary for August, compensation for living in Singapore, and travel expenses. The company confirmed the expenses, but two weeks later the seafarer did not see his money and applied for the DVRO SUR. The company immediately responded to the Union's request for the delay in payment and transferred the seafarers salary for August in the amount of 6045 US dollars. However, he did not receive compensation for living in Singapore during the quarantine period. At the end of October, he again applied to the SUR, thanks to which the company compensated for travel expenses and stay in quarantine in the amount of 2521 US dollars. The seafarer thanked the Seafarers Union of Russia. "Thank You for your help!!! I can't believe that in our time we have to beg and beg for our honestly earned money. I thought those times were long gone. I have never encountered such a situation in my life.Seafarers around the world continue to feel the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, which especially affects the length of work of seafarers on board of ships, which often already exceeds one year. A seafarer who has signed a contract for employment for four or six months continues to stay on board for more than the terms specified in the contracts in connection with the outbreak of an epidemic around the world, says Nikolay Sukhanov.  Often there are situations that would never have occurred if there was no coronavirus.