SUR FETO and Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office agreed on cooperation

The Far Eastern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers'  Union of Russia (SUR FETO) and the Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office signed an agreement on cooperation to protect  labor rights of crew members.

According to Nikolai Sukhanov, Chairman of  SUR FETO,  a significant preparatory work    preceded the conclusion of this agreement. Back in May 2020,  the  parties discussed - through a video conference - the issue concerning the need to protect the rights of seafarers  employed as on board ships under flag of Russia as on board FOC vessels. In particular, they talked about the opportunity to work together on the identification and elimination of offenses and  to hold joint events. During subsequent  meetings the parties expressed interest in constructive cooperation, which they have now officially agreed on.

- First of all, we decided to focus on issues related to offenses on board ships, and to address  complaints and reports of seafarers coming directly from the board, including those related to  wages, - said Nikolay Sukhanov. - In future, along with this work, I would like to hold Round Tables for seafarers and arrange seminars to improve their legal awareness. Thus  crew members will know their rights, feel more confident in labor legislation issues, understand the procedure  in case of their labor rights violations and, of course,  apply to us for assistance.

In addition, the SUR FETO and Far Eastern Transport Prosecutor's Office  agreed that members of the trade union will be able to participate in prosecutor's inspections on  the  legislation enforcement as third side specialists, subject to mutual agreement.