Penalty in respect of m/v "Bourbon"

The Novorossiysk Transport Prosecutor's Office has found  improprieties in the company Novomar's operations, which sent seafarers to the notorious m/v Bourbon in August.

The Liberia-flagged  bulk carrier "Bourbon", being in critical condition,  has been at the  Manila Anchorage since mid-August. The crew on board  are: Russians - from the Krasnodar Region and the Far East, and  a Ukrainian. The crew members demand  their wage for the months they had worked to be paid  and the repatriation. However, the Greek shipowner does not respond to the crew requests.

In early September, the m/v Bourbon started to face  the lack of supplies. The seafarers had to go on an "apple" diet until the insurance company got involved to settle the conflict on board. The Club took over some responsibilities of the employer - the purchase of provisions, the delivery of 60 tons of fresh water, the arrangement of medical care for the crew members. However, the main requirement of the seafarers - to pay off wage arrears and send them home to their families - the insurer has not fulfilled still. The company admits that the shipowner really does not fulfill it's  duties towards  the crew, the seafarers are abandoned, and the situation is very difficult, said Olga Ananyina, the ITF Inspector from Novorossiysk. - However, they always find excuses not to pay money and not to buy tickets. We sent an appeal to the Shipowners' Club requesting   to  immediately address  the labor dispute  on board the vessel in accordance with the terms of the MLC-2006".

At the same time, the ceaseless activity was being undertaken ashore. Following the uproar in the media, the Transport Prosecutor's Office began auditing the activities of the crewing company, which sent the seafarers  on board the bulk carrier which was in critical condition. 

Previously  the  Novomar head - V. Vinnichenko -  assured that they learned about technical problems at the m/v Bourbon at the same time as the crew.

Meanwhile, the investigation found out evident  violations in regard to the employment procedure of seafarers from  Novorossiysk. 

As the Prosecutor's Office highlighted, "the company  did not have any agreement with the shipowner, and also did not take comprehensive measures to verify  the financial viability of the shipowner and the vessel." In this respect the  submission was made to the Novomar CEO  with a requirement to eliminate the offenses. In addition,  administrative proceedings  have been initiated against the company, and Novomar may face a fine ranging from seven hundred to eight hundred thousand rubles or a suspension of operations  for up to 90 days.