SUR and NSC congratulated veterans on the International Day of Older Persons

The Seafarers' Union of Russia and the  Northern Shipping Company congratulated the veterans of JSC NSC on the International Day of Older Persons, which is celebrated on the 1st of October.

According to Sergei Portenko,  Chairman of SUR primary organization of  JSC "NSC", the restrictions related to the COVID-19  pandemic made its own adjustments to the event, so the traditional tea drinking had to be abandoned.

The solemn meeting was attended by only 25 people to meet the social distancing requirements set by  Rospotrebnadzor. 

Usually there many more veterans take part at the event,  Sergei Portenko explained. - Nevertheless, the financial aid with the participation of the Fund for Social Support of Seafarers was made to  all members of the veteran's organization comprising more than 1,700 people.

In addition to congratulations from the management of JSC NS represented by Yakov Antonov, JSC NS Director  General, and from Sergei Portenko, Chairman of SUR primary organization of  JSC NSC,  the former employees of the shipping company received gifts from Sergei Orekhanov,  Chairman of the Council of the city veteran organization. A lot of nice words of gratitude and good wishes were addressed to the veterans.

Sergei Portenko noted that despite  all veterans are retired, they do not sit idly by: Many of them take an  active part in addressing various social problems and work with young people in the naval cadet corps and schools in Arkhangelsk. Veterans generously share their knowledge, invaluable experience and instill  strength of mind and hard work in the younger generation by their personal example. "

- The Council of veterans continue to work and take part  in the the port city life largely thanks to the support of the shipping company and the trade union, - he added.

This more than twenty-year tradition of charitable funding became possible after the SUR primary organization submitted such proposal to the shareholders' meeting. The union managed to convince the JSC NSC shareholders  that the support of their veterans is an essential part of the work of a socially responsible enterprise.