Preferences for trade union's members

The Southern Territorial Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia (STO SUR) continues to implement the program of legal assistance to seafarers- SUR members.  The lawyer Valeriy Pokatilo offers consultations at the office of  STO SUR every Wednesday, in addition, STO SUR Labor Inspectors render  legal assistance on weekdays.

Seafarers use this opportunity rather often. So, just the other day, the brothers who work as electrical engineers at Novoship turned to a lawyer for advice on property law.

This is not the first time I have consulted with union lawyers on all sorts of personal matters, and I always get excellent advice, explained one of the brothers. In addition, I actively use other opportunities offered under the trade union's social program to seafarers.

A few days ago the electrician engineer  returned home after the voyage . We  worked six months, signed off in Houston and flew home via Istanbul, he said. "The Americans do not set any strict requirements related to the pandemic, so we can say we were lucky."

At the same time  the crew of the tanker NS Stream on which the sailor worked, witnessed the devastating Hurricane Laura off the coast of the United States. Their vessel was staying adrift for more than two weeks to wait out the storm.