Seafarers are successfully repatriated from the ports of the Russian Far East

Now not only Russians and Ukrainians, but also foreign seafarers can be repatriated from the ports of the Russian Far East and get the long-awaited vacation. As noted by the Chairman of the primary trade union organization of the SUR in Vladivostok, Petr Osichanskiy, the situation with crew rotation is stabilizing in the region and the shift procedure is allowed here.  In August the crew of m/v Shanghai Dawn (IMO 9397793, flag of Panama) was successfully repatriated from Far East port. Long before entering the port of Nakhodka, an Indian crewmember addressed the trade union committee of Vladivostok. He said that in the previous port of call, Koje (South Korea), the ship's crew could not be signed off due to the pandemic. The trade union committee contacted the shipowner from India for the arrangement of repatriation of those seafarers whose contracts of employment exceeded all reasonable terms,- told Petr Osichansky. Besides we received information from a local agent that flights to Moscow are available. So three Indian seafarers were signed off in Nakhodka and flew from Vladivostok to Moscow, and from Moscow to Bombay, where the Hilton Mumbai International hotel was already booked. In Bombay, unfortunately, the seafarers were put for seven days quarantine. But for the sake of a long-awaited vacation they were ready to accept any conditions other than the continuation of the contract. Payment of tickets, hotels and other travel expenses, as expected, was handled by the shipowner. Another request for repatriation was received from the vessel St. Petri (IMO 9788497, Singapore flag). In July, the union was contacted by the 2nd Mate from Sevastopol, who complained of health problems, including psychological ones. The seafarer admitted that he could no longer work as neither moral nor physical strength remained. Since this vessel is covered by the Croatian national agreement, and the conditions of employment of seafarers met all the norms of labor legislation, it remained to ensure that the company organized a visit to the doctor, and the seafarer was given assistance, - explained Petr Osichanskiy. We recommended that he continue to perform his duties, and began to look for an opportunity for him to be repatriated from a convenient port. And such an opportunity appeared soon. On July 28, the ship called the port of Vostochny, where the crewmember was immediately provided by medical assistance, and on July 31, he was repatriated to his hometown.