Safeguarding the seafarers' interests remains the top priority for SUR

Yesterday, a meeting of the SUR Council  was held via videoconference. The representatives of regional, territorial and primary  organizations of the trade union and, of course, the head of the SUR,  Yury Sukhorukov, participated in the meeting. 
First of all, they discussed issues related to the implementation of decisions taken at  previous SUR Council's meetings.
For example, in last May,  in Moscow, during the SUR Extraordinary Congress it was decided to amend the Charter of the organization. Those changes were necessary  to bring the document in line with the requirements of Russian legislation. Therefore, now there is a need to discuss and approve the Charters of regional and primary organizations of the SUR.
In addition, a lot was said about the challenges  the maritime community is facing due to the all over the world  restrictions imposed  to contain the spreading of coronavirus.
During the meeting much attention was put on such issues as difficulties in the crew rotation procedure, the excessively long stay of seafarers on ships and the sharply increased risk for all related to shipping business.
Council members also shared information on the  situation on the ground.
- Safeguarding the interests of seafarers remains a top priority for the Union. So it was, is now, and ever shall be under any circumstances, - summed up the event the SUR Chairman, Yury Sukhorukov.

Source: SUR BTO