The employer and the trade union prolonged cooperation

The Taman Primary Organization of SUR Southern Territorial Organization (SUR STO) has prolonged the collective agreement with the Smart Way company. The document addressing  social and labor rights of the company's employees is now valid until July 2022.

The Taman Local  committee is the oldest unit within the SUR STO. Over the years, it united the seafarers from  Krasnodar region working on service Port Kavkaz - Kerch, and it's  core membership were the ferries' crews.
In 2014-2017, ferry services through  the Kerch ferry port were booming, which had a significant impact on the number of union members. 

Every day, freight and passenger ferries made up to 114 voyages, that meant a shipment of  50,000 passengers, 10,000 cars and 1,000 trucks on a daily basis. After the opening  in 2018 of the Crimean Bridge motorway section the traffic across the Kerch  decreased sharply. A further decline in ferry operations was recorded after the opening of the Crimean Bridge railway section.

As the Chairman of the Taman Local Committee of SUR UTO  Ruslan Lyashenko noted, the prolonged  collective agreement fully regulates social and labor relations at the enterprise. It addresses such issues as employment, working hours, vacations, wages, benefits and compensations for employees,  health resort treatment and summer vacations for children, incentive payments and welfare assistance, loyalty bonus and others. One of the most important sections of the collective agreement concerns labor protection and  safety in the work environment to prevent occupational accidents.