Saved jobs for young generation

In the trade union committee of Novoship SUR, the retirement of veterans of the Sovcomflot fleet took place. 25 people received a one off - payment and grateful letters as part of a joint program between the shipowner and the union. Thus, every year dozens of seafarers in Saint Petersburg, Novorossiysk and Vladivostok receive support when retiring. This year, due to quarantine restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to organize a celebration for veterans. Mass events are still prohibited, so only a few people were invited to the trade union committee. The rest received their letters of commendation and money by post.  By your impeccable work and responsible attitude to work, you have made a significant contribution to achieving high operating results of the Sovcomflot group of companies and the entire shipping industry, - said Igor Tonkovidov, General Director of Sovcomflot, and Yuri Sukhorukov, Chairman of the SUR, in a letter of thanks to the new pensioners.  Over the years of working in shipping industry you have faced many difficulties, but you have always overcome them thanks to your skills, endurance and perseverance the essential credentials of real seafarers. Thank you for your many years of work, high professionalism and dedication. As Nikolay Popov, the Chairman of the UTO SUR, noted when presenting certificates of appreciation to the seafarers, it was the joint efforts of all employees of the Novorossiysk shipping company , especially those who are retiring today, that the company managed to successfully survive a very difficult time. Thanks to you, your conscientious and honest work, the company has saved jobs for future generations of seafarers, while in many regions of our country the fleet was very much reduced, added Nikolay Popov. The Sovcomflot Group of companies is developing and updating the fleet, and this is a great merit of yours. In turn, the pensioners also thanked the company. I am very glad that I had this job, said Galina Kravtsova, a former seafarer from m/v  SCF Pechora.   I am a teacher by education and worked as a nursery teacher in a kindergarten until 1997. With the salary I was paid then, you know, it was very difficult to survive. And thanks to my work in the shipping company, I was able to give my daughter a good education and buy a house in difficult years.. Working at sea fulfilled the dreams of former fitter from m/v NS Captain Mikhail Rakovtsi, who joined the shipping company in 1985 for the service on m/v Rafael. I have worked all my life at sea and during this time I have seen almost the whole world, -the seafarer shared.  We have always been well treated by the company and respected by people. That's why I loved my job very much.According to Alexander Terekhov, a former AB from the tanker Georgy Maslov, working at sea is a great way to earn an honest and high salary.  Such salary a seafarer would recommend to the younger generation. But its necessarily to achieve an officer's position,- he emphasizes. Because in his own life, there simply wasn't enough time to get a higher education and climb the career ladder. The representatives of the trade union committee promised to consult on vacancies on coastal vessels for those who want to continue working at sea.