Seafarers on board m/v SP VENTURE changes strictly according to plan

This information was told by Russian seafarers, who on may 27, according to the company's schedule, joined the  m/v SP VENTURE" (flag of the Bahamas, IMO 9201839), replacing their shipmates.  The vessel was visited by technical labor inspectors of the Kaliningrad regional organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia Lyudmila Izmalkova and Petr Dzendzelyuk.

The vessel arrived from Sweden with a cargo of crushed stone. Despite the fact that the ship was built in 1999, SP VENTURE is in very good condition, inside and outside is clean and tidy. Six crewmemebrs work on board, all residents of  Kaliningrad. The crewmembers were happy to meet the inspectors and told them that they had no problems with working conditions. They are especially happy with the fact that they receive a salary in the European currency.

  We had a great conversation with the captain, - says Lyudmila Izmalkova. He showed us all the necessary documents, including the collective agreement, and told us some funny stories from practice. As for the situation with the rotation of crews, the seafarers noted that there are no problems here either. The Norwegian shipowner Misje Rederi AS used to change crews strictly according to plan.

We visited the vessel SP VENTURE for the first time, but we have already encountered it, - added Petr Dzendzelyuk.  In 2017, in the port of Amsterdam, there was a fight on board when the chief engineer beat the chief officer and injured him. After the incident, the company blamed the victim for what happened, urgently signed him off  and held the money for it. The Union then helped the seafarers to find the assistance from the  law firm. However, we do not know how it ended  as the seafarer never contacted us again. Since the seafarers from  Kaliningrad are happy to work for a Norwegian company, we can assume that the incident is long in the past.